When will I get my coffee?

Your order will be hand-roasted within 2 days of your order and shipped immediately. Freshness is guaranteed!

Why employ mentally handicapped people?

Everyone has unique value and something awesome to bring to the table. So, to help those with disabilities prepare to have community employment and acquire a sense of self-worth, we created Cedar Creek Coffee and Cedar Creek Ceramics. These companies allow our very special individuals to develop work skills that will better their lives in the future.

Do the employees like the company?

They all seem to love the smell! Some like coffee, and some don’t!

When did you start this company?

Cedar Creek Coffee and Cedar Creek Ceramics were founded in 2010. Plans are in the works to open lawn care, woodworking and bakery businesses in the near future.

Can I get your coffee somewhere else?

You can! Connect to our Store Locator to see where.

What if I don’t like the coffee?

We know you’ll love our coffee, but if for any reason you don’t, please feel free to email us at any time at sales@cedarcreekcoffee.com or call (417) 334-8507.

Is the coffee fresh?

Of course! Each order is freshly hand-roasted within 2 days of your order and shipped immediately, so you get a fresh cup, every time!